1990-1997 Hogwarts Women's Quidditch

Tasmin Applebee - Chaser; Katie Bell - Chaser; Cho Chang - Seeker; Maxine O’Flaherty - Beater; Angelina Johnson - Chaser; Heidi Macavoy - ChaserDemelza Robins - Chaser; Alicia Spinnet - Chaser; Ginny Weasley - Chaser

I lol’ed throughout this video. From here

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Day 15: Who Would Be Your Best Friends?

…at Hogwarts. Pick three. 

Okay, who *would* or who would I want? Because, who would: 

Probably, like…. Luna, Neville… I don’t know. Ernie MacMillan. Fairly lame, but cool enough to be in the DA. That sounds about right. Who would I want to be friends with? 

…actually… Neville, Luna and…. aw, hell, let’s be honest here. 

I’d kill to be BFFs with the twins. 

…buuut I’d probably wander around after them wishing I was as cool, and awkwardly laughing at their jokes….

er… that was pathetic. You know what? I’m just… I’m just gonna go now.